Saturday, September 29, 2007

A brief history

One thing about ice blended drinks is, if you have it slow, it is gonna melt. If you have it quick, you gonna get a heck of a brain freeze. Let me tell you about the business that is cold beverage industry. It all began a few month after the demise of my beloved sister Wilma on January 9th 2003. A part of the contribution given to us on her passing was invested into a big refrigerator. The big fridge was the beginning of my father's popsicle business. We would sell variety of flavours to the kids around the neighborhood. Business was quite okay. But then one of my brothers came up with a brilliant idea that is quite revolutionary. The idea was to blend three popsicle with water and sell it just like the slushies in the 7E. We came up with many combination of drinks and it was quite a hit back then. Then we experimented with milk and oreos. We finally have something going on around here. Our latest addition is the Famous Amos' Cookie.

Friday, September 21, 2007

This is the first one

I'm Khalil. I blend ice for a living. Let's say i've been doing it ever since i flunk out of college back in late 2004.
I've been breathing for a quarter of a century now. I plan to continuing breathing for many years to come.
I'm gonna state a few things about me:
-i skate (skateboard and in line)
-i play many musical instruments
-i'm a fanatic gooners
-i'm a winner of Nokia Wireless Adventure
-twice i was shortlisted for Akademi Fantasia
-you can see me in the recent boh tv ad
-i can crochet
-I'm ambidextrous,
-i had my appendix removed back in 1996.
- i can solve the rubik's cube.