Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back to winning ways!

I had just witness the annihilation of the Derby County by the Gunners. It really was and entertaining game indeed. It is such a good feeling to see Arsenal back to their old ways, that is playing football for fun!
Last year, the photograph of my two nephew in front of the Petronas twin towers earned me a thousand Ringgit of prize money for an MMS competition. Supposedly the picture should be in the running for the grand prize of RM 7000. Up until now, i have not heard anything from the organizer. The photo was taken with the N95 that i received for free when i join the Nokia Wireless Adventure last year. I have also been given the chance to appear in a tv commercial after i sent a photo of myself playing the ukulele.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Foul liquid.

The society is in a dire need of education on proper waste management. We seem to be throwing out garbage without any common sense. The repercussion is, everytime the sanitary services do their rounds of garbage collection, they would end up leaking foul liquid all over their routes. The aroma most definitely ruining your breakfast or your morning jog. We must not throw away dinner left-overs, baby diapers etc. along with the rests of the garbage because they would contribute to the total amount of liquid in a garbage truck. Oftenly the liquid will overflows onto the streets. Each and everyone of us must put our acts together to reduce the amount of liquid that we put into our daily garbage. So that we will have a fresher morning everyday.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A significant event in 1995

My name is Mohd Khalil Al-Haqq bin Mohd Raffali and i blend ice for a living. Ever since i blew out the chance for a computer science diploma back in 2005. I do consider myself as a failure. When i was young, i aspired to be a scientist. I really like science. But i was not a hardworking student i must state. I do not ace exams. I was just an average student. I scored 4 As in the UPSR though, in which it was suprising indeed with the amount of effort i put into it. One thing about the education system back then, they would put the cream of the crops into boarding schools. So the high school was deprived of bright students that could have had effects on average student like myself and others. But then there were some students who refused boarding school to enroll in the national school. The likes of Sherryna, Ungku Fazri, Shahrol Omar etc. really increased the intellectual capacities of the class. One thing i must put into record about Shahrol Omar was an event that could have had a huge impact on my life. It was quite vague but i will recall the way i remember it. In 1995, there were openings for the positions of prefects. The teacher who was in charge of the selection was Pn. Isnayani if i was not mistaken. She teaches math. Shahrol was a new student at the school after a brief stint at Maktab Tentera Di-raja. So i recalled Shahrol and me were being called up during a class. At first i thought i was in some sort of trouble. To my surprise, it was actually a quick selection for a prefect post. Pn. Isnayani had a quick top to toe glimpse of the two of us and made her decision right at the spot! She had chosen Shahrol over me. It was a no brainer because Shahrol was well presented unlike me who was unkempted. Should it have been me, i could have been a different student. I could have been more disciplined. Instead of being a prefect, i ended up a librarian. To be continued...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Power of Juju!

Do you see the yellow thingy on the top right corner? It could as well probably be the title decider for the premiership. It is powerful enough to stop Man U from winning at Stamford Bridge.

Wan Azizah for PM? I don't think so!

Wan Azizah said, "the reality is that the Malaysian society is made up of Malays, Chinese, Indians and other minority races, making it impossible to establish and islamic state." Coming out from the mouth of hijab wearing muslim woman, really seems a bit awkward indeed. Personally i would think that it is a mockery to Islam. The use of the the word 'impossible' really sums it all out. How dare she said that after all the struggles and tribulations that happened in the entire history of Islam? Ever since the Hudaibiyah's accord and the triumphant Andalucian era, islamic states are well recognized and respected. Regardless of races and religions. It was a proven system where multi etnicity is not a restriction to a prosperous community. The fact that the People's Alliance is consisting of PAS, PKR and DAP makes it even more ironic.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Superman's real name is Kal-el. My name is Khalil. When i was little, a tiny weenie little baby. I once flew out of the window. I was crawling on the bed when suddenly i had the urge to climb out of the window. Luckily i came out unscathed.

Friday, April 18, 2008

When are we gonna catch him

It has been quite a while now ever since the last time we heard of any real development regarding on the tragic lost of little Nurin (god rests her soul). The only clue that we have on the case seems to the blurry images of a dispatch carrying his job that is the placement of the body containing sports bag. A lot have been done to improve the quality of the visual. Even to the extent of acquiring the service of the FBI. But unfortunately, it did not gave any clearer image of the culprit nor the plate number of the motorcycle. How ever there are many aspects in the video that we could took into account. The man in the cctv recording gave away his posture, his left-handedness (judging on the way he answered the phone and carried the bag) and his style of walking (we can clearly see how he paces himself). Right on his shoulders, i could state that it was a morning glory towel that we commonly use to wipe off perspirations. It could suggest his profession. He could be working in a wet market where morning glory towels are used for many purposes. Instead of posting the composite of the alleged killer every where, we should air the video clip more often so that some one could recognize the dispatch base on his traits. Friends and family tend to know some one this way. Then there was the phone conversation lasting for about a minute. It had been made public that the telco keeps the log of phone calls that patches through a telecommunication tower(the Altantuya's murder trial). Base on the video clip, the duration of the call is well established. There could be hundreds of phone calls made around the area at that time but this little piece of information could narrowed it down to a few. There is no harm to investigate these phone numbers as it could as well be as similar as the house to house search. I hope my piece of mind could be take into consideration.

Quick Fix!

I want to expose something dark and sinistrous that is happening every night on a private television station. Have you ever be tempted to a call a TV station in hoping to get through the line to talk to a celebrity, answer a quiz, be the fifth caller et cetera? Well I did. But instead of getting the 'engaged' tone that we normally hear when the line is busy, my calls were transferred into a voice mail. To my surprise, the calls were actually charged for about 25 cents for each call. I was not aware of this right until I was notified that my prepaid balance was insufficient to make a call. Luckily I have only lost RM 4 of my airtime, for it could have been a lot worse. Imagine if there is a thousand viewers like me that are totally unaware of this scheme. We are talking about thousands of Ringgit worth of airtime being drained. That was just only for one night. If it is happening every night, the sum could amount to hundreds of thousand per month siphoned from unnoticing audiences. If this is a technical glitch then it should be rectified soon. If it is a profiteering ploy, then someone should put a stop on it. For the public, be careful not to be deceived.

just my say

Pilihan raya umum yang baru sahaja menutup tirainya memperlihatkan pelbagai kejutan yang menyentap pemikiran pelbagai pihak. Tsunami politik yang melanda tanah air merupakan satu era baru di dalam politik nusa. Angin perubahan yang melanda benar-benar merupakan tamparan yang cukup hebat kepada pucuk pimpinan Barisan Nasional. Pelbagai alasan dan sentimen yang dibangkitkan mengenai prestasi parti pemerintah pada pilihan raya umum kali ini. Kenaikan mendadak jumlah ahli parlimen dari pihak pembangkang sebenarnya didorong oleh pelbagai isu yang belum diselesaikan. Pada dasarnya boleh dinyatakan di sini pakatan pembangkang yang menggelar diri mereka Barisan Alternatif, cukup bijak dalam memainkan pelbagai isu untuk dijadikan modal di dalam pilihan raya. Bermula dengan kenaikan harga minyak diikuti dengan ketelusan Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya, ditambah dengan isu perlantikan hakim, penindasan kaum India, penghunusan keris di perhimpunan Umno, isu komisyen kapal selam dan macam-macam lagi, semuanya bagai diatur dengan begitu strategik bagi meraih undi rakyat. Harus dinyatakan juga antara punca prestasi yang memberansangkan pakatan pembangkang adalah kerana hasil kerja keras jentera pilihan raya mereka yang bergerak jauh lebih awal daripada jentera parti pemerintah. Dengan sesi-sesi ceramah yang lebih berbentuk kempen yang diadakan dengan penuh konsisten, mereka telah berjaya mempengaruhi pengundi. Harus diingatkan pada zaman teknologi moden ini, sesi ceramah yang diadakan merupakan satu persembahan multimedia yang begitu menarik perhatian. Pendekatan mereka melalui media alternatif tidak kurang hebat juga. Rangkaian jejaring yang begitu meluas terbukti cukup berkesan dalam menyebarkan ideologi dan propaganda kepada warga kota. Dapat dilihat dengan jelas Kuala Lumpur bagaikan titik pusat api yang merebak ke kawasan sekitar. Disebabkan batasan media arus perdana, barisan altenatif telah memanafaatkan sepenuhnya penggunaan media seperti facebook dan youtube. Ditambah pula dengan rangkaian telekomunikasi yang cukup meluas sms dan mms turut memainkan peranan yang efektif. Dari sudut yang lain pula, terbitan mingguan akhbar politik seperti Harakah berjaya menembusi pasaran awam. Bahan propaganda ini dijual secara terbuka di kedai runcit walaupun tertulis di muka hadapan, 'hanya untuk ahli Pas'. Pengisiannya yang penuh dengan tuduhan dan fitnah terhadap kerajaan berjaya menembusi pemikiran khalayak umum. Akhbar yang begitu berdedikasi kepada perjuangan politik barisan altenatif turut diedarkan secara percuma kepada umum sepanjang kempen pilihan raya. Mungkin sudah tiba masanya Barisan Nasional menerbitkan sesuatu yang hampir sama bagi menangkis segala tohmahan yang dilontarkan. Mungkin juga Barisan Nasional perlu lebih agresif dalam berkempen. Jika Barisan Altenatif sudah mula berkempen dua atau tiga tahun sebelum pilihan raya, maka pendekatan yang sama harus diambil, tidak cukup dengan hanya sekadar perhimpunan tahunan, kempen-kempen secara intra personal hendaklah mula digerakkan. Barisan Nasional harus melakukan anjakan paradigma dalam usahanya untuk memenangi hati rakyat.

Monday, April 14, 2008

the season that was....

it kind of sad, when you look at Arsenal's season up until now. After blistering start, they seem to have run out of steam. As a fan of the gunners, it is very frustrating indeed to make any assessment of all this. For me it hs the ides of March that strucked us hard where it hurts the most. Eduardo's broken leg, the final minute penalty awarded against us in the Birmingham match could have become the blow that cause the downslide. We have not recovered ever since the traumatic incident. Any aspiration seems to have been lost. Plus the champions league defeat to Liverpool was a bitter pill to swallow. Who would have thought we ended up on the losing side after the great moment of brilliance from Walcott.