Friday, April 18, 2008

When are we gonna catch him

It has been quite a while now ever since the last time we heard of any real development regarding on the tragic lost of little Nurin (god rests her soul). The only clue that we have on the case seems to the blurry images of a dispatch carrying his job that is the placement of the body containing sports bag. A lot have been done to improve the quality of the visual. Even to the extent of acquiring the service of the FBI. But unfortunately, it did not gave any clearer image of the culprit nor the plate number of the motorcycle. How ever there are many aspects in the video that we could took into account. The man in the cctv recording gave away his posture, his left-handedness (judging on the way he answered the phone and carried the bag) and his style of walking (we can clearly see how he paces himself). Right on his shoulders, i could state that it was a morning glory towel that we commonly use to wipe off perspirations. It could suggest his profession. He could be working in a wet market where morning glory towels are used for many purposes. Instead of posting the composite of the alleged killer every where, we should air the video clip more often so that some one could recognize the dispatch base on his traits. Friends and family tend to know some one this way. Then there was the phone conversation lasting for about a minute. It had been made public that the telco keeps the log of phone calls that patches through a telecommunication tower(the Altantuya's murder trial). Base on the video clip, the duration of the call is well established. There could be hundreds of phone calls made around the area at that time but this little piece of information could narrowed it down to a few. There is no harm to investigate these phone numbers as it could as well be as similar as the house to house search. I hope my piece of mind could be take into consideration.

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