Monday, April 5, 2010

Crossroad....Bilal Long Hair

Surau Al-Mustaqim effectively on 1st of June is going to be under a new administration, in their propaganda pamphlet, It clearly stated,
"Pastinya kita tidak mahu lagi Bilal yang tidak menutup Aurat selalu berseluar pendek dan yang berambut panjang.
Pastinya kita tidak mahu lagi mendengar suara azan berkumandang di udara tidak betul sebutan dan lagunya."

"Surely we would not want a Bilal that doesn't cover his Aurat(Modesty), always wearing Short Pants and wears a long hair.
Surely we would not want to hear the call of prayer to be projected in the air improperly pronounced and sung."

So if I am not qualified, then I should not offer my service to them, right?

They have set the standards for a bilal.

They were mentioning about three bilals actually, Bilal Short Pants, Bilal Long Hair and Bilal Wrong Words.... But then, their arrangement of words pointed solely out to me. Hence could have assassinated my character to the voting public....

But then, basically, maybe I was rejected becoz I'm an Umno guy. Fullstop.

Despite the fact that I have serve my duty as bilal's assitant with great sense of responsibility.

When ever I am available, I was always on time, rain or shine.

Maybe they have taken me for granted.

But then again maybe it was written... Only Allah knows.

The newly appointed Bilal is highly qualified. He could have run for the position of Imam if he wants to. On paper alone I am not worthy. I am just and Iceblender living a stone throw away from the surau.

I found it strange that they would distribute their campaign material that in innuendo suggested that I'm not modest,(short Pants)and does not know how to call for prayer properly(wrong words) to the already known fact that my hair is long.

For the record, I'm always properly attired every time I'm in Surau Al-Mustaqim. I even tuck my hair into my songkok(headgear) just out of respect.

I never wear short pants out in public. Even during sports, e.g Marathon or Futsal, I would wear a cargo pants, three quarter pants to cover my modesty.

And finally my call of prayer is monitored by an experienced bilal of a local mosque. He would have corrected me if I was wrong...

So I pray that Allah will guide the new administration to be less political and be more about uniting the people.

I will continue to congregate in Surau Al-Mustaqim despite all of this.

I'm not serving people, I'm serving Allah.

What should I do? Should I just sit down in the mosque when there's no one to call for prayer?

Base on the outcome of the election, am I generally, Short Pants, Long Hair and Wrong Words?
Maybe I should tender my resignation as the Bilal assistant effectively and perhaps the newly appointed bilal could start to serve immediately. He was chosen despite the fact that we never hear him azan before....