Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Ramadhan!

It is ramadhan yet again i can't believe how fast time flew by this year. Everything seems to be moving a lot faster than ever before. Doob daab, doob daab, it is already september. A few weeks ago, my team finish ninth in the Maju Junction Amazing hunt. My brother's team of two masters (him and abang Muz) and my sister Jannah finish second. While they reap RM 3000, my team got an electric oven, a carton of isotonic drinks and RM 50 CASH VOUCHER from giant. The questions are quite tough for the non-masters. On the same day, i went to Subang Parade to compete in 2008 Malaysia rubik's championship. Just when i thought that was fast enough, there are dozens who were way more quicker. But i really glad to have join the competition because it inspired me to solve the 5x5 the day after. There was this kid who was very unfortunate not to take part in the competition because he was a bit late for the preliminaries. I must state here now that should he had made it, he would blast the competitions into oblivion. He gave me some pointers and told me about the algorithms that you can pick on the internet for speed cubing. Just like Will Smith who inspired me to solve the original cube, the boy did the same for me for the 5x5 that i thought would took me forever to solve. So thank you who ever you are!

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