Saturday, August 1, 2009

Any last words?

A few days back, I had the chance to feel the electricity running through my left arm as I was unscrewing a light bulb with a wet hand and I did not realize that the switch is on. It was a close call as the moment I felt the current running through my vein, My hand automatically kinda like in a feedback response, pull out the light bulb socket from the live wire. I was spared from electrocution because the wiring was frail. Had it been a lot tighter, I dunno what would have happened. But I'm not writing about the fact that I had a close call, but it is the matter I reacted to it that really got me into thinking......If it is my time to leave this world, Are my last words going to be "shit! shit!" ? Naudzubillahimindzalik.... What was I thinking? Megawatts of electricity and I had chosen "Shit! Shit!". It was not the first time. When I was chased by two guard dogs in AU2 Keramat, I scream Shitezer! Shitezer! as I skate away on my flowboard. I guess when you keep on repeating something on and on it will stuck to you. I'll just pray when the time does come I will only have Allah in my mind..........

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