Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sometimes even small things can make a difference.

2007 was the year i auditioned for AF and only made it to top 50. Instead of playing my trades in the academy, i ended up helping out my sister Hilda who had just given birth to Farzana at her rented house in Puchong. It was there i found out about the Nokia Wireless Adventure. At first i was hoping to try it out with my brother, but he was too busy for his upcoming nuptials. So i asked Ana instead. For the registration we must submit a creative photo of the two of us. So we came out with the idea of superimposing ourselves behind the Lourve in France a la the da Vin Ci code. To our surprise, we were selected for an audition. Ana really made a big impression for the both of us and we made it to the final 8 and the rest are history. We really enjoyed Rome eventhough it is only just for quite a while. We wouldn't have won the race should Dylan have been easy on us. Let's not forget Mr. Lee who knew the routes better than the Nokia maps. The free N95s that we got really changed our lives. It brings endless possibilities. Just ask Ana if you know what i mean. Just now she was performing her song 'Hujan Bunga' live on Suria fm. With the N95, i have appeared in a TVC, shoot a thousand ringgit worth photo, start blogging, won the Euro Pass football, posted videos on Youtube etc. Thank you Allah and thank you Nokia for this thingamajig.

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Acat said...

ni kena post kat NOKIA ni. hehehe.