Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm at KFC in KLCC after my errant of delivering mengkudus for my brother. This post is dedicated to Mrs. Emily who was kind enough to drop by my site via my brother's and wished me happy birthday. She is the 2nd person after abang Fizan to wish it on-line. I checked out her needle art and craft site and i thought that it is cool. Well i am also in touch with my feminine site so i'm happy to admit that i can crochet. I pick up my skills right after the demise of my big sister Wilma. I can do hats, bags, safety vest, N95 cover etc. I even do my part in helping the environment by shopping in my skateboard with my custom made shopping bag. At the time being i'm contemplating on buying the 5 x 5 rubik's.

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Emily said...

Hi! Yup,Acat did inform us that you CROCHET! Fabulous!

And Wow! A posting dedicated to little old me! How lovely! Thank you!