Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weird day......

Today, just after I called for a'sar prayers, rain fell quite heavily with gush of wind and thunder. So I guess that was why the jemaah was only me and an old karkun arriving in his proton waja. He was the imam. So when I came home the electricity was out due to the fall of a huge tree onto a power line. Once again I called the ever useful number 15454 to report the incident but then again someone else had already did. So for maghrib, I took the initiative to climb the minaret to call for prayers there. It was unprecedented, I really felt like living in the old days when the mua'zzins strut their a'zan on top of high minarets. I also did the same for I'syak. Just of yesterday when Surau Al-Mustaqim voted for Earth, but then we only switched of the lights of the parameter and minaret. Today we got the full treatment of having to pray in the dark once again just like the old days in the time of Rasulullah S.A.W. My brother came by with his wife and kids. I told Daniel well this is just like balik kampung when back in the old days kampungs don't have proper amenities. Back in December, I had the chance to take a picture of bakawali with my N95. So today another one bloomed but then I only have my megapixel Nokia 6111. And the battery was low so I could not use the camera. Ana's cybershot is in Shah Alam. Just when I felt frustrated of having not to take the picture, the electricity was restored at 11.15pm. So it took TNB about six hours for the rectification. During that time we lost a few ice blended customers and poor Encik Poli(my dad) having at least 30 of his talapia fishes dead. But what to do? Quoting Slumdog Millionaire, 'Maybe it was written'.

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