Sunday, May 4, 2008


24 hours convenient stores should be blame for the rise of binge drinking amongst the youths. They are making it too easy for anyone to buy alcohol. Even for the muslims. This surely could have adds up to the social problems such as pre-marital sex, gangsterism, 'rempit', breaking and entering, domestic violence et cetera. To make it more convenient for their paying customers, the plastic bags are not transparent so there is no qualm. The Muslims have the convenience of saving face by buying alcohol in the wee hours where there are not too many people around. We should put a stop to this. We should impose a ban on the selling of alcoholic drinks way past midnight. They should at least use transparent bags so people would have conscience on their actions. Let there be a bigger warning fully stating that alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden in Islam. Let us save our youths today from the damaging effects of alcohol in their life.

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