Friday, May 16, 2008

I am a 'gangster'

When i was in form 3. The school thought that they should put all the delinquents into the same class. Unfortunately, i was thought to be one. It really was quite a disturbing episode of my schooling life. The class was called 3 Wawasan. It supposed to be like the one in the Gangster Paradise, but the only think missing was Michelle Pheifer. It was quite unruly. It was quite noisy even when the teacher is around. So i had the toughest time concentrating in class. When i broke down in class one day, they had finally realized that they made a mistake in setting up the special class. I was reinstated into a normal class and after mid term i was upgraded into the top class. But the damage had really taken its toll on me. I had low self esteem and i felt alienated. That year i got 4A's and 4b's for my PMR.

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careychomey said...

ey! u know what.. i used 2 b in dat clas too. n s 4 me, honestly, it was the most enjoyable schooling life i ever had... i am not supposed 2 b in dat 'paradise' in 1st place..but i asked my mom 2 discuss with school's HEP 2 transfer my name from 3 amanah to the second class. by that time, 3 wawasan 'naik pangkat' jadi 3 bestari..n seriusly, i love dat class..which i have more time 2 enjoy my schooling stress at all..!! ;)