Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Close call

It was a close call yesterday when my niece went out through the door and walked straight into a bath tub. It really was just in the nick of time when we had realized she had went out alone, it seem that her older brother (Aidil) had left the door wide open. Grandma was under the impression that i had the baby with me while she was folding clothes and watching a sinetron. Her aunty (Ana) was in the kitchen. I was performing ablution in the bathroom, after that just as i was taking the prayer mat to pray, i noticed that she was not around. I asked my mum where she is? There were looks in our face of flabergastation when we saw the open door and the open gate outside. My mother initial reaction was to rush on to the street while i went straight to the bath tub that was priorly used. I saw my niece was already face first inside the tub. A rush of blood went through my veins as i quickly lifted her up. She was soaked but she was totally okay. Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened. It could have been worse if the tub was full (it was half full). We will never know if she had went out to the street. The moral of the the story is always be vigilant.

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Asyiq Raffali said...

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