Friday, May 16, 2008

Thank Allah she's okay

With all the happenings around the world today, i could not help it to take a little pause reminiscing yesterday event. When i was a baby, i flew out the window and fell to the ground. I was okay then but when little Farzana did her stunt, i was ever thankful to Allah for all that He had bestowed upon me. It really was an eye opener indeed. We only have one life and that one life we shall cherish without any doubt. But we must always remember that our stint in this world is quite temporarily because the eternal life awaits when we leave this world. Heaven or hell, it is for Him to decide.

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Asyiq Raffali said...

It sure sounds serious when you write about this. How long did she put her face in the tub? Do you have pictures of the trio that you can send me.